The Great Glen

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The Great Glen (also known as Glen Albyn – the Glen of Scotland) is a series of glens that run 100 km from Inverness in the north to Fort William in the south. The Great Glen follows a large geological fault known as the Great Glen Fault. It bisects the Scottish Highlands and it forms the natural travelling route since the earliest of times.

The Caledonian Canal follows the line of the Great Glen. This majestic canal is considered by many as one of the great waterways of the world. Four natural lochs – Loch Lochy, Loch Oich, the famous Loch Ness and Loch Dochfour – all lie in near perfect alignment between making up 38 of the 60-mile coast to coast channel. The remaining 22 miles being man-made canal linking these four lochs together.

Widely considered a masterpiece of canal engineering, the Caledonian is on a scale incomparable with almost anything else in Britain. It has survived in part due to its continuing importance in the Highland economy, and partly because it is quite simply spectacular, not to mention the amazing wildlife – including the Loch Ness Monster!


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