Culloden Moor

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Culloden was the last battle fought on British soil – 16 April, 1746. It took place between the Jacobite army of 5,000 under the command of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the 9,000 Government troops under the control of the Duke of Cumberland.

The Jacobites were not well provisioned and were tired after months of marching and fighting. The government troops were fresh and well fed. The battle lasted a mere 40 minutes and the Jacobites were soundly beaten. 

What happened afterwards is what made the battle of Culloden one of the most infamous in Scotland’s history. After the battle the Duke of Cumberland ordered that no prisoners were to be taken – so his troops massacred wounded Jacobites who dragged themselves from the battlefield. Even the spectators who had travelled from Inverness were killed. For this the Duke was given the nickname "Butcher Cumberland".


Tours that visit Culloden Moor:

From Edinburgh

Glimpse of Scotland (2 days)
Jacobite Highlander (2 days)
Over the sea to Skye (3 days)

From Glasgow

Glimpse of Scotland (2 days)
Over the sea to Skye (3 days)

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