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Inverness has a long history, having evolved from an ancient fort to the modern city it is now. The city and the surrounding area is now home to 65,000 people, but it was much smaller when St Columba visited the Royal Court of the Pictish King Brude (or Bridei) in 565AD. Legend has it that, in 1040, Macbeth, of Shakespeare fame, built his stronghold in Inverness. In 1158 King David of Scotland awarded Invernessits charter as a Royal Burgh.

Known as the Capital of the Highlands, it has held this title over the centuries due to it’s position on the River Ness where the roads through the glens of the Highlands converge.

The castle that dominates the Inverness skyline dates from 1834. Today this impressive red sandstone building is a courthouse, but you should note the statue that sits outside. It is of Flora MacDonald who, famously, helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape "Over the Sea to Skye”.

Close by is Inverness Museum and Art Gallery which displays the heritage of the area, from archaeology to natural history.

As the regional administrative and cultural centre Inverness boasts a wide range of shops and services. The popular Eden Court Theatre complex offers an eclectic range of plays, musicals and other entertainment. There is a diverse choice of restaurants serving most types of cuisine. Pubs are plentiful too, many offering traditional Scottish music in the evenings.


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